Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Resolutions do they work?

6:30 am Saturday I woke up and thought why wait until the first of the year to start on a weight resolution.   I drove to the weight watchers center.
 This is the third time I joined.  The first time, many moons ago I went to the meetings a couple of times and stopped going.  Second time I went because I needed to loose for health reasons. I have a type of cells that feed from FAT cells and can give you breast cancer.  This time I met my  goal, gained free membership and also joined the team with the hope to become the first bilingual leader in my  town.  Then summer came.  I thought I will exercise more by walking, hiking, etc.  Guess what I did less exercise and ate more.  Milkshakes, french fries with cheese, hotdogs, greek fries, hamburgers.  I did not realized that summer was like a double edge sword. Two years later I joined again two saturdays ago. My first weigh in I lost 2.6 pounds.  This saturday is my second weigh in.  I already messed up by eating the wrong things yesterday and today and no exercise.  I will get back on tract tomorrow.  You know if we stumble or fall we can not stay down we have to get up and get moving.  Wish me luck.  Will see if I did good this saturday.
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To a new start, Marysol

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